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2007-08-27 - WusteroiDS

An Asteroid clone for the DS
  • Reduction of the range of the shootings
  • Enlarging of the zone of sureté around the vessel
  • visual Improvement of trainée of the vessel
  • Adjustment of the size of the explosions
  • Addition of 10 levels with a more progressive difficulty
  • Addition of a transition enters the levels
  • Addition of a freeze frame at the time of the destruction of the vessel
  • Addition of an animation at the time of a teleportation
  • Addition of an animation of waiting of respawn
  • Correction the speed of the asteroides
  • Correction the speed of the shootings


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2006-12-21 - Loituma Girl DS
Loituma Girl DS

Here is a new little toy for the DS : LoitumaGirlDS (While waiting for the v2.0 ComicBookDS)

Loituma Girl DS is small toy for your Nintendo DS. This gadget is an adaptation of 2 original flash animations.

All the credits goes to the original flash animations, musics and cartoons.


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2006-09-19 - DS-X Homebrew Support
DS-Xtreme Homebrew Support

I'm here today to share with you what is probably my favorite feature in the upcoming final version of the Xtreme OS. We know that there has been a lot of worry lately over homebrew compatibility with the various new DS products which are coming to market. Many of you have concerns about libfat drivers, and the time it will take for your favorite homebrew to be updated with new drivers for new devices, or even if these applications will be updated at all. We have taken these concerns to heart, and have come up with a solution which we hope will alleviate most if not all of these fears.

No waiting for a new version with driver support. No confusion over multiple downloads and making sure you have the right binary for your hardware. After testing quite a selection of homebrew applications, we are pleased with the results we've seen so far. However, if you do run into any issues with particular applications, we ask you to report those issues on the support forums.

We will, of course, still be providing libfat driver source once the product is in the hands of end users for developers who do wish to recompile their application for the most seamless interoperability with the DS-Xtreme.

Update: The unit seems to support Real time USB debugging over the cart!


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2007-01-02 - VGMDS 0.90 rev1
Globoeil updates VGMDS again

Updates/bug fixes in v.0.90 rev1:

  • New function in FORK: KEY ? Pressed/Released (for short instruction)
  • Errors with pages; some pages will never be shown.
  • When an event is played more than 1 time, it will execute from the 2nd instruction.
  • "Event starting condition" sometimes was set to " ", and can't be changed (in VGMDS) (This bug is still present, sory, but now you can fix it easily).
  • ELSE instruction is not effective. (Now broken; not grave you only have to put an "ENDIF" and a "IF" instruction to make a "manual" else....
  • A '2' or other number appears sometimes in the screen.
  • Other minor bugs (about hero movement)

And some little improvments in VGXDS.


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2007-05-15 - dSTAR MIDI Sequencer
dSTAR MIDI Sequencer v05032007

dSTAR is the first MIDI sequencer for the Nintendo DS. dSTAR aims to be an x0x style sequencer with unique music programming capabilities. With drawable modulation tracks and quick tap beat entry, dSTAR takes advantage of the Nintendo DS's touchscreen to become a tactile user experience.

dSTAR sequencer is a MIDI Music sequencer and it inherits and expands upon functionality from famous x0x style sequencers of the past, and the present including the Elektron Monomachine and the Radikal tehnologies Spectralis.

dSTAR uses libdsmi (http://dsmi.tobw.net) for MIDI output over WiFi. See the dsmi website for instructions on how to set up the server on your Windows, Linux, or MacOSX PC! libdsmi also now support MIDI over a dserial device! Information on how to obtain one and set it up for MIDI is available at http://www.natrium42.com !

Features added in beta 05-07-2007

Features added in beta 08-29-2006

  • 6 Tracks, organized in pages, selectable from upper left on screen, or LEFT and RIGHT DPAD (track up/down).
  • MIDI Channel assignment per page.
  • 16 Pattern save slots selectable (RIGHT TRIGGER + DPAD LEFT or RIGHT) pattern switching durring playback.
  • Global save function using Chism's FAT library (RIGHT TRIGGER + START).
  • Copy and paste from pattern slot to pattern slot (RIGHT TRIGGER + B for copy, RIGHT TRIGGER + A for paste).
  • Groove feature- double speed and half speed while holding DPAD UP or DPAD DOWN respectively.
  • Default pattern bank in dstarpatterns.bin file.

Features added in beta 08-11-2006:

  • 3 drawable, freely assignable MIDI CC "Modulation Sequence" lines.
  • 1 note (beat) track with drawable per note velocity.
  • "soft" keyboard for assigning notes.
  • Individual track length for complex beat generation.
  • "Play effects" allow reverse sequence play and jump back on the fly.


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2006-09-14 - SNEmulDS
SNEmulDS! - New SNES Emulator for the Nintendo DS

New SNES emulator from archeide, heres the translated news:

It is my first message on this forum, therefore I present myself a little bit: archeide, I worked on a Super emulator called SNEmul in a former life (it has almost 10 years there!), oldest among you will remember it can be! Since I had a little dropped the world from the emulation. But I fell under the charm from the small DS lite, and I cracked on June 23 I bought one of them! And after having played a little bit, I could not resist, almost 10 years after, I was caught a large blow of nostalgia, and I wanted to carry this old emulator for DOS (which I had carried out with v0x) on his/her small sister, the DS!

After 3 working weeks intensive, that starts to take form. According to close the topicality on this excellent site, I thus allows itself to call upon you to test a version alpha of the emulator. For the moment, the emulator still has a large defect: it is rather slow bus entirely programmed out of C. But good nothing dramatic, that remains rather playable. It also does not miss badly a thing: the MODE7, an update line by line, the SOUND, etc

This message is thus also a call to all those which would wish to take part in this project. I will provide the sources soon. As it is entirely out of C.


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2006-09-09 - Mediawiki Upgrade
Mediawiki Upgrade

Today we are in the process of upgrading our Mediawiki install and installing some additional extensions. This should allow for MrShlee to continue tweaking away with our installation as well as add some cool features (we hope).

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2008-02-27 - News Catchup
News Catchup

Anyone feel like helping?

  • ThreaDS - Samel have ported a little library to the DS that let you create thread.
  • DSmaps 0.2.1a - Map viewer using images obtainsed on-the-fly from the Google Maps ‘keyhole server’.
  • MIDI Jammer - It lets you "draw" musical ideas and shapes to access a MIDI Controller.
  • Tuna-viDS v1.0 - New skin by Ferrie, a file chooser and fixes a few bugs.
  • Pocket Pixie - New sprite editor.. fun for pixel by pixel art :)
  • Hyena v1.00 - Hyena allows game-books to be played with only sound and just one button. Bundled with Lone Wolf - Flight From The Dark!
  • AmplituDS v3.1 - Approximately twice as fast start up time and Anti-aliasing used for 3D graphics.
  • Bunjalloo - The Web Browser has received another set of bugfixes and improvements.
  • ScummVM DS 0.11.1 beta1 - There were bugs found in a few of the ScummVM engines, ScummVM 0.11.1 will be release to fix them.
  • iDeaS - Bug fixes, speed ups, added Optimize CPUs PipeLine and Optimize Loops.
  • Pong 3DS - A crazy 3d take on the classic Pong.
  • DSFTP 2.6 - Fixed hardware hangs, directory contents bug and new transferblocksize option.
  • Spinal's Movie Player - Similar to Eponasoft's media format, using jpg images for the frames and uncompressed audio.
  • Geografika v1.0 - 00 questions over: locations of cities, countries, monuments, and physical features;
  • PadrinatoR Wifiloader - Untested application lets you boot homebrew in your DS using a wifi connection.
  • Fate/Stay Night Demo - an abridged port of the Trial Edition of Fate/stay night, a Japanese visual novel game, as translated into English.

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2008-12-12 - DSMI v3.0
DSMI v3.0 is out, supports OSC!

Thanks to Tim Wood (fishuyo) DSMI now supports the OpenSound Control (OSC) protocol!

OSC is an emerging standard for exchanging music control signals that is much more flexible and modern than MIDI. For example, OSC can directly communicate via network, so the PC-side DSMI server is not required.

fishuyo also made a nice demo of the new OSC capabilities with a Kaoss pad and sliders. It comes with a pd patch that is a nice little synth. Check out the demo’s source code! OSC is really easy to add to your application. And it’s the future! So, get libdsmi v3.0 now!


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2008-02-11 - QUAKE2DS prerelease 1
QUAKE2DS prerelease 1

simonjhall has relesaed the first public release of QUAKE2DS

To play the game you require a slot-2 card that has a minimum of 16 megabytes of RAM on it.

About the game:

  • every level is playable in single-player mode
  • there is no multiplayer
  • nearly all graphical effects are done by the DS hardware
  • there's auto and manual saving
  • there's no mod or TC support (not my fault, I'm afraid)
  • there's an on-screen keyboard as well as eight touch buttons (so you can bind functions to them)

The bad stuff:

  • again, no multiplayer
  • some levels are poorly coded and the performance will hit the floor (in particular security.bsp)
  • GUI Z sorting is broken
  • no sprite rendering
  • some textures are misaligned
  • cinematic rendering is disabled
  • bits of the world will often pop in/out cos the DS GPU is SO overworked by this game! Some boss models have more polys than the DS can render in a frame...


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2008-02-11 - DSVideo
DSVideo - wavelet video on the Nintendo DS

The first public release of DSVideo - an open source wavelet video codec.

Pushing the Nintendo DS capabilities to the limit, the DSVideo player offers a simple and intuitive interface. The top screen is devoted to video playback, and the bottom screen contains the touchscreen navigation interface. The DSVideo encoder is flexible, accommodates a wide variety of source material, and is based on the widely used and highly portable ffmpeg.

Important features include:

  • Video playback up to 12.5 fps
  • Stereo Audio playback (MPEG-1 Layer 2 @ 112kbps / 32kHz)
  • Full seeking support
  • Feature-complete video playback controls
  • File browser


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2008-01-28 - More News Catchup Part 4
More News Catchup Part 4

Anyone feel like helping?

  • DSOrganize v3.2 "Final" - Dragonminded has released his "final" DSOrganize release.. Enjoy this release because it could be the last.
  • JabbaDS 0.1 - theli has released his Jabba IM client for Nintendo DS.
  • WireWorld DS v0.3 - Asiekierka has added support for loading/saving. If anyone wishes to continue this project, source code has been released.
  • jEnesisDS v0.6 - Custom Z80 ASM core implemented, Custom YM2612 and PSG sound emulation and many parts rewritten.
  • Animanatee 1.3a - DekuTree64 added cache flushes in hopes of fixing some saving problems people are having.

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2008-01-25 - More News Catchup Part 3
More News Catchup Part 3

Anyone feel like helping?

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2008-01-25 - More News Catchup Part 2
More News Catchup Part 2

Anyone feel like helping?

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2008-01-25 - More News Catchup Part 1
More News Catchup Part 1

Anyone feel like helping?

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2007-12-09 - News Catchup Part Cinco
News Catchup Part Cinco

MrShlee has been busy - MrShlee is sorry.
  • Rise of the Triad DS v0.7 - Rewriting parts of the video code, fixing a bug in the keyboard handling, and adding a mouse driver for the touchscreen.
  • NetHackDS 1.8a - Another NetHack Port, this release includes alot of changes and is highly recommended.
  • DSCalibrate - This application is used to calibrate so your actual touchscreen
  • Woopsi 0.26 - A BSD-licenced windowing system loosely based on the Commodore Amiga’s “Intuition” windowing system. (Sadly requires PALib)
  • Morning timer Ver1.1 - Infantile Paralysiser has updated his alarm clock with various optimizations to save battery power.
  • ProTracker Mod player for DS - Direct conversion from the original Amiga one so it's should be as accurate as possible, also it handles modules from 4 to 16 channels and it's very small.

  • And-or Sniff_jazzbox - Sniff_jazzbox creates an audible city. it converts the wlan-waves into sound waves.
  • And-or Metro-wardive - Wardive is an adaptive game with locative levels. it converts wlan-waves into game objects.

And-or is an art group which is looking to find new ways of communication by tapping into the subconscious streams of human minds and network data.

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2007-11-30 - News Catchup Part 4
News Catchup Part 4

MrShlee has been busy - MrShlee is sorry.
  • WabbitDS TI-83+ Emulator - A fantastic and almost perfect TI-83+ emulator/clone. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Tiliting Labirinth 0.2b - get to the finish and avoid red block and get most green fruits. Game is controlled by DSMotion but can be control also by Dpad or stylis.
  • Powder 0.92 - POWDER is a roguelike that continues to grow with every release.
  • Spirits DS Beta 6E - New level added and minor graphics corrections. Now 50% of graphics are done (all upper floors).
  • Woopsi 0.25 - A BSD-licenced windowing system loosely based on the Commodore Amiga’s “Intuition” windowing system.
  • Spinal Menu - Graphical loader based on Chishm's DLDI loader.
  • JellyBlocks DS - Glue all blocks of the same color combinations. Tous les blocks se déplacent en même temps. All blocks move at the same time.

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2007-11-30 - News Catchup Part 3
News Catchup Part 3

MrShlee has been busy - MrShlee is sorry.
  • Duke3DS Duke Nukem 3D for DS - GPF has released an update with basic sound.
  • Dotas v0.93 - SeikoTheWiz has released a homebrew clone of Defense of the Ancients (often referred to as DotA). This is very impressive with a 3d models and smooth gameplay with creeps.
  • Sukka Racer - a Never Ending Racing Game by the developer of Explosion of an Aeroplane.
  • White Dwarf v0.1 - Arcade style shooter you can have some fun flying around and shooting nasty enemies.
  • DScratch - The Audio manipulation tool has been updated to v071111. Whats new? READ ME
  • dslibris 1.0.1 released - An ebook reader for the Nintendo DS, focusing on comfortable and uncluttered presentation.
  • Byook v0.2 - The DS, held on the side, symbolizing the open book and invites the player to immerse themselves in the story.

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2007-11-30 - News Catchup Part 2
News Catchup Part 2

MrShlee has been busy - MrShlee is sorry.
  • Arcade Slots - 6 Mostly-Different Slot Machines with a variety of Arcade Rules.
  • LinesCS v0.2 - Frozenjazz has released a new puzzle game, align five squares of the same color.
  • Woctochat - TCP/IP Based internet Pictochat clone.
  • Baukasten 0.2 - Use the stylis to move objects around the screen.
  • DSgf - SGF file editor for Go game.
  • Combox- A FTP/HTTP client/server to transfer files with your NDS.

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2007-11-30 - News Catchup Part 1
News Catchup Part 1

MrShlee has been busy - MrShlee is sorry.
  • November 19th, marked the 1 year anniversary of the Wii’s first launch.
  • NO$GBA 2.5c released - Offering 3d frameskip, 3d vram viewer, wifi details and alot of other bugfixes.
  • pokeyDS 1.1 released - Alekmaul has released yet another high quality emulator for console Atari 800 XL.
  • PuzzleManiak 3.2 released - Now with music! A memory bug has been fixed, so swapping profile should not crash anymore, and background musics and sound effects have been added.
  • Bunjalloo 0.5.1 released with SSL - Make cookies work more thoroughly, Update to dswifi 0.3.4.
  • iDeaS NDS Emulator released - Alot of interesting little bugfixes. The Audio plugin has been updated with a bugfix release.
  • Normmatt releases NDS Emulator desmume 0.7.4 alpha - Featuring Cheat support and a series of bugs related to crashes fixed.
  • SquareDS - Recompiled with the latest PALib.
  • Dicewars v0.4.3 debug - Dicewar now supports single player, Internet based multiplayer and local Ad-hoc games.
  • Blackjack DS v0.2 released - The object is to get to 21 with your cards without going over.
  • Tabbed v0.16 - Update to the Guitar chord finder. Support for MOD format.

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2007-11-29 - DSOrganize 3.1129
DSOrganize 3.1129 (Down.pngDownload)

Dragonminded has given us all a gift - Fixing a few crashes, several bugs, and adding SSL support to the browser!

  • PNG files now support proper alpha channel.
  • Added server-based auto perform to irc.
  • Added missing ascii characters to all fonts, changed some fonts slightly.
  • Added SSL support to web browser.
  • Fixed side tab icons not showing up when startup screen was irc or web browser.
  • Fixed random crash on shutting the lid.
  • Fixed inconsistent help messages on configuration.
  • Fixed more incorrectly written pages that don't display.
  • Fixed deflate raw encoding not working.
  • Fixed random scroll down on pages that fit entirely on top page while on favorites.
  • Fixed invalid directory configuration message not showing up.
  • Fixed orientation messing up when viewing pictures in web browser.
  • Fixed some image placeholders overlapping each other before rendering.
  • Fixed disappearing cursor on scribble pad.
  • Fixed graphics corruption on side tabs with other themes.
  • Disabled help from appearing while files are downloading in web browser to stop freezes.
  • Updated dswifi to 0.3.4

Because Its his birthday, please consider giving him a gift via donation.


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2007-11-10 - DSOrganize 3.1
DSOrganize 3.1 (Down.pngDownload)

Dragonminded just released 3.1 - He concentrated on fixing many FAT related bugs, it should be much more stable for all cards concerned.
  • Added support for attachment style downloads (usually download.php style).
  • Added deflate and gzip encoding support to web browser.
  • Added letter view mode to the picture viewer.
  • Added optional click noise to keyboards.
  • Added many more special character tags like è etc to web browser.
  • Changed large font to Arial 13 from Century 16 to be more consistent.
  • Fixed download filenames being badly named when longer filenames were downloaded beforehand.
  • Fixed "Removing invalid lfn entry" error in FAT after deleting a file.
  • Fixed "Invalid file size on entry" error in FAT after creating a new empty file.
  • Fixed "Errors in . and/or .. corrected" error in FAT after creating new directory in root.
  • Fixed files randomly not being created and "directories after end" error in FAT.
  • Fixed seek bar not updating while paused.
  • Fixed text boxes getting the generic text color instead of the textbox text color.
  • Removed plugin architecture and resources file. Were causing too much trouble with no real benefit.


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2007-11-07 - dswifi 0.3.4 release
dswifi 0.3.4 released

WinterMute has just updated dswifi with some minor bugfixes and feature requests.

The changes are fairly minor but improve UDP support and fix a rare issue with broadcast addresses.

  • Added gethostname and sethostname.
  • Provide DNS record for localhost.
  • Correct minor issue with broadcast address checking.
  • Enable select support for UDP.
  • Correct code for ntoa.
  • Close DNS socket on no answer.


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2007-11-01 - Sprite Editor DS
SEDS - Sprite Editor DS

SEDS is a small program allowing you to use your DS to edit small images (16x16)

The tools allow to you create classic "pixel art", ideal for the composition of blocks and graphics for your games.

The art files are stored on the memory card but can also be sent and received through the Wifi tool "runme" that accompanies the software.

  • Version 0.2: WiFi integration support and updates to the software, support for multiple sprites
  • Version 0.1: Support for basic animations, a small palette editor any beast
  • Version 0.0: it pixelise to save it.


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2007-11-01 - TunnelerDS

Based on the hit '91 game Tunneler 2.0 by Geoffrey Silverton

First you need to find the other tank and then destroy it using your handy cannon. However look out for your remaining energy as it decreases with every second spent on the battlefield.

  • [FIX] Made it work on Cyclo without launchers (removed all PA_DeleteSprite)
  • [FIX] Fixed the simple mode
  • [FIX] Fixed a little bug with the score display
  • [ADD] Added collisions between tanks
  • [ADD] Added some lovely tank explosions


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2007-11-01 - SvSIP Sixth
SvSIP Sixth Release - Voice Over IP

SvSIP is a VoIP software for Nintendo DS. It's based on pjsip.

The wifi configuration is possible without commercial game. Improve wifi management. DS rings when call is received. Using of key [A] to call or to answer, [B] to hang up.


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2007-11-01 - Protein DScratch
Protein [ DScratch ] - audio manipulation software for Nintendo DS

Protein project is to create a set of creative audio/visual toys you can play with anywhere you go

DScratch is the first module made using Protein engine - it's a little audio manipulation software running on DS which ables you to play with an existing .wav file or recorded audio sample; you can pitch it, scratch it, rewind, mute and apply effects on it. Moreover, DScratch sends MIDI through wifi connection, which ables you to control external applications, like a VJing software as I do.


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2007-11-01 - AcChen DS 0.81
AcChen DS 0.81

Preussie has released his final bugfix release of AcChen.
  • bonus level
  • highscore list ( with DLDI patch )
  • smoother UI
  • more levels ( 30 )
  • more eye candy
  • continue a lost game ( with DLDI patch )
  • pause mode
  • surrender button
  • yingyang-hint-items
  • lot of bugfixes

Following bugs are fixed in 0.81

  • selecting an item -> backgound -> item did remove the item
  • the hint-items did not display before you picked the 1st pair when a game was restarted
  • selected items were not reset when a game was restarted


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2007-11-01 - Archon DS 0.4
Archon DS 0.4

Archon has been updated with AI of the battlemode.
  • Added 5 units (valkyrie, golem, troll, sorceres and djinn)
  • Added battle and strategy HUD
  • Added gameflow: change between battle and strategy mode
  • Added unit indicator (touched unit is also selected)
  • 2 player "hotseat"-mode playable with a limited number of units
  • Added 3D-text intro
  • Added game mode menu


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2007-11-01 - Wee Basic Alpha2
Wee Basic Alpha 2 - BASIC interpreter

The developer has updated his BASIC coding tool.
  • No longer crashes when loading a file that doesn’t exist
  • Variable names are no longer restricted to 1 character. Wee Basic now supports variable names of up to 8 characters, starting with a letter but can otherwise use a combination of letters and numbers. eg test, a1, string12, a1b1, hello$
  • One dimensional string and numerical arrays are now supported. To use them you first have to declare them with the “dim” statement. eg. dim a1(10) dim hello$(5)
  • There is a maximum of 100 numerical and 100 string variables
  • Each string array is limited to 30 members
  • Each numerical array is limited to 100 members
  • You can print at a particular position on the screen using the “print at x,y”, where each of x and y is a numerical expression.


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2007-11-01 - QuakeDS release 3
QuakeDS: Third Release

Simonjhall has released the third public build of his homebrew port of 1996 Quake 1 to the Nintendo DS handheld system.

The game is now feature-complete, so I figure it's time to release it! I hope you enjoy it - it's taken an insane amount of work and the help of dozens of people to get here.

  • Rendering performance has improved by ~30%
  • In game performance has improved by ~20%
  • All graphical effects are now drawn, included animated sprites (for explosions), and particles (eg for blood)
  • 99% of texture maps are rendered correctly
  • The sky box is now rendered correctly
  • GUI corruption has been fixed
  • Animated skins are now supported
  • The on-screen keyboard has been improved
  • Eight user-configurable quick-access touch buttons have been added
  • Pen sensitivity has been fixed and view snap disabling a la GLQuake has been added
  • QuakeC compatibility has been enhanced
  • Command line (through qdsopts.txt) is now easier
  • Sound corruption has been fixed
  • Console corruption has been fixed
  • Cut scenes and 'intervals' have been cleaned up
  • 'freeing precaches' bugs have been fixed
  • Improved support for the second Quake Mission Pack: Dissolution Of Eternity
  • The game now supports the RAM available from certain slot-2 flash cards in order to obtain near-perfect compatibility with Quake mods and total conversions. Everything I've tried works correctly, however some mods overload the DS' GPU and stuff starts to disappear...

...and too many other fixes to list


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2007-11-01 - Bunjalloo 0.4 Beta1
Quirkysoft Bunjalloo 0.4 Beta1

Richard "Quirky" Quirk has released a beta release of his web browser.
  • Major changes
    • Basic image support added
    • gzip content-encoding supported
    • Cache files to flash card (mostly optional - see config.ini)
  • Minor changes
    • file that defines allowed cookies can now contain http:// at the start
    • Plain text rendering semi works again (no font changes though)
    • Unicode shrunk to 16 bits internally to use less memory
    •  !URIs with spaces are escaped to use "%20"
    • libnds-20071023 compatibility changes
  • Build changes
    • Build with devkitArm r21
    • Changed to scons build system

Bug fixes in version 0.3.6:

  • Fix newline bug in header parser for servers that send \n instead of \r\n
  • Remove the accidental inclusion of cache dir


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2007-11-01 - DSOrganize 3.05
DSOrganize 3.05 (Down.pngDownload)

Dragonminded just released 3.05 with support for downloading files in the browser and a confirmed fix for the random audio playback bug.
  • Added extra checking to the image parser code to hopefully stop more freezes.
  • Added back in ability to create lowercase filenames that are short.
  • Added bad file check to gba_nds_fat so corrupt files shouldn't freeze DSO anymore.
  • Added ability to download files on web browser.
  • Added auto-hide setting to web browser.
  • Changed default progress color on web browser to be more visible.
  • Changed all audio formats that read on interrupt to read from a buffer.
    • OGG, AAC, M4A files play faster now.
    • OGG, AAC, M4A, MP3 files more stable.
  • Fixed a bug in the downloader code that added garbage extensions to some images, making sites crash.
  • Fixed a bug in the mp3 player that detected some stereo songs as mono, decreasing the quality.
  • Fixed directory sort order bug.
  • Fixed bug where sites using <script src="file" /> notation would not render.
  • Fixed a few buffer overflows in web browser which should increase stability.
  • Fixed a bug where uppercase hex digits converted to zeros in WEP keys.
  • Fixed not being able to clear WEP keys.
  • Fixed issue with random freezes while using the touchscreen in the sound player.
  • Fixed random seek crashes with aac/ogg/flac/m4a.
  • Fixed link issue with some php links.
  • Fixed a bug with saving favorites.
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor wouldn't auto-scroll when editing text.
  • Fixed a disappearing cursor bug with fixed width text editing.
  • Fixed a bug with sites that used bad tags like <br/> instead of <br />.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed todo's with illegal characters to be created.
  • Fixed a crash bug with small png images that run out of memory.
  • Fixed several out of memory crashes with web browser in general.


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2007-09-27 - DSOrganize 3.01
DSOrganize 3.01 (Down.pngDownload)

Dragonminded just released 3.01 with some very minor bugfixs.
  • Added basic signal strength to wifi configuration screen.
  • Fixed error messages not being readable on startup.
  • Fixed wifi to be slightly faster again.
  • Fixed seeking broken on some file formats.
  • Fixed SSID not centered properly.
  • Fixed 256x192 images not showing the bottom line.


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2007-10-23 - devkitARM release 21
devkitARM release 21

With much blood, sweat and tears we finally have a toolchain for DS Homebrew which works on Vista and Vista64 out of the box. There are several components to this new release including updates to libnds, the msys shell provided with devkitPro toolchains and the ever popular Programmer's Notepad. Head over to http://www.devkitpro.org to get the full details.

  • Upgraded to gcc 4.1.2
  • Added gdb by popular request
  • Now including libraries for ARM big-endian devices - this relates to a request from the winARM maintainers, not DS related.
  • Newlib patches extended to allow time() to work on the DS
  • argv has been added - this will require support from the homebrew launcher menu on various cards
  • ndstool now uses the default arm7 core distributed with libnds in preference to an embedded one
  • Now working on Vista/Vista64 - users who were impatient and modified paths should now remove those changes

Everything is available via the automated installer/updater as usual.


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2007-10-12 - Dicewars DS 0.4.0
Dicewars DS - new version out!

Dicewars DS 0.4.0 has been released - this is the first public release with full online multiplayer support. Multiplayer is also supported locally with a hotseat option. Besides the online game mode, theres tons of smaller improvements in both visuals and gameplay department.


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2007-10-09 - memtestARM 0.03
memtestARM 0.03

A simple memory test app based on the description of the tests performed by memtest86.

There are about five different accessories for SLOT-2 that feature RAM, including the expansion pak included with Nintendo DS Browser. They all have their failure modes. This program makes sure that your RAM pak is working fine.

The application falls back to testing 3 MB of DS internal RAM if it doesn't detect a RAM pak.


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2007-10-09 - Dice Roller 0.5b
Dice Roller 0.5b

Rainbow has released his first public version of Dice Roller.

How it works:

  • Select the type of dice you want to roll, or choose a custom type
  • Choose the number of die to roll
  • Adjust the modifier if needed
  • Click on either of the "Roll" buttons, depending on the type of dice you chose


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2007-10-09 - DungeonS v0.1
DungeonS v0.1

Features a character creation screen, where you can roll to try and improve your stats, change the hero’s name, and (in the future) choose a class for your hero. Currently, there are only five levels, and they still need a little work, but they do show the game working, and how it will look in the finished version.
  • Move using the Dpad
  • ‘Fog Of War’ is fully integrated
  • Random dungeon generation
  • Monsters roaming the dungeon
  • Attacking monsters, and receiving attacks
  • Levelling up
  • Picking up items
  • Equipping weapons and eating
  • Examining and dropping items

There are still a number of things I have planned that remain to be added.


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2007-10-09 - Cooking timer 1.0
Cooking timer 1.0

Infantile Paralysiser have released an alarm which plays your favourite MP3s.
  • When setting the date, the bug where AM/PM indication of end time becomes strange was corrected.
  • Simple disk check was installed.
  • Added new font to countdown screen
  • Hours Unit Added
  • New Boot License Screen
  • Calender is now displayed in countdown screen
  • Screen Brightness toggle added
  • Skin option added


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2007-10-09 - DS Boy 0.75
DS Boy 0.75

Developer Brunni has continued work on the GameBoy emulator.

Now with support for "Color Pack" tweaks.


  • Fixed a map bug.
  • Improved the speed (The difference is noticeable in quite afew games.)


  • Addition of the colour tweaks (compatible MasterBoy/VisualBoyAdvance EC)
  • Improved the access pallets speed (typically fades)
  • Improvement speed for the games that makes copies in VRAM
  • Faster Management of the maps
  • Force default colors when no colour tweak is loaded.
  • Improvement of the colors to improve quality.


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2007-10-09 - A Touch of War 0.10a
A Touch Of War 0.10a (Down.pngDownload)

JimmyL's decided to update his game to fix up some of the more glaring issues.
  • Added a pause button. Hit start to pause/unpause the game, you can continue to give commands to your troops while it's paused, but give too many and the game may crash, I haven't tried.
  • With units selected, you can now select a specific tree/mine to harvest or a specific enemy building to attack. This doesn't work with building or repairing friendly buildings, you still need to move your workers nearby to do those actions.
  • If you have no friendly units selected, you can select a tree, mine or enemy and see its stats.
  • You can no longer build near trees/mines/other buildings. You need to space them out a bit.
  • Not quite a game over screen, but I added a small notice when you win.


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2007-10-09 - PuzzleManiak 2.7
PuzzleManiak 2.7 - with all 27 games integrated!

I've somehow forgotten to check up on this project for the last few weeks.. WOW!
  • Blackbox
  • Bridges
  • Dominosa
  • Fifteen
  • Filling
  • Flip
  • Galaxies
  • Inertia
  • LightUp
  • Map
  • Mastermind
  • Mines
  • Net
  • Netslide
  • Pattern
  • Pyramide
  • Rectangles
  • Samegame
  • Sixteen
  • Slant
  • Slitherlink
  • Solitaire
  • Sudoku
  • Tents
  • Twiddle
  • Unequal
  • Untangle


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2007-10-09 - Tetravex

TetraVex is an edge-matching puzzle. The player is presented with a grid (by default, 3x3) and nine square tiles, each with a number on each edge.
  • Different board sizes: 2x2 to 6x6
  • Numbers are coloured like the Gnome version (gnotravex)
  • Hints
  • Can move all tiles at the same time with the D-pad


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2007-10-09 - Bunjalloo 0.3.5
Quirkysoft Bunjalloo 0.3.5

Richard "Quirky" Quirk has updated his web browser with an new GUI.
  • (0.3.5) Crash in the HTML parser.
  • (0.3.4) Crash deleting text when editing a URL.
  • (0.3.4) Do not initialise sound system as it isn't used.
  • (0.3.3) Background colour removed. It wasn't fully implemented and caused some pages to be unreadable.
  • (0.3.2) Cancel URL no longer reloads page.
  • (0.3.1) Regression in charset handling corrected.
  • (0.3.1) Potential crash when text area scrolls off the top of the screen fixed.


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2007-10-09 - No$gba 2.5
No$gba 2.5

Martin Korth has updated NO$gba making it more accurate and faster.

04 October 2007 * version 2.5

  • help: updated gbatek standalone version 2.5 (about one hundred news since 2.3)
  • vram viewer: supports extended palettes in bg map windows (eg. magnetica demo)
  • nds/help: added ds 3d overview chapter (basics on geometry/rendering engines)
  • nds/help: added ds technical data chapter (containing some basic overview)
  • nds/help: replaced ds various chapter by new ds memory control/timing chapter
  • nds/sound: fixed major unreported bug in 80x86 code sound_bias SWI function
  • nds/3d/help: corrected shininess formula (ie. fixed that max cos 2 angle mess)
  • nds/3d/help: added caution: specular reflection WON'T WORK on camera rotation
  • nds/3d/help: maths basics of vector-by-vector multiply (and purposes thereof)
  • nds/3d/softlight: allows light+color nonsense double def (eg castlevania clip)
  • nds/3d/softlight: much better light-accuracy, and now supports shininess_table
  • nds/3d/softlight: lighting fully calculated by software (without opengl light)
  • nds/timing: split timings for nds7 (fast access) and trashy nds9 (slow access)
  • nds/timing: split addr_clks_table to CODE/DATA addr_clkc_table/addr_clkd_table
  • nds/timing: emulates "half" cycles on 66MHz/nds9 (tcm/cache and n32/2 thumb)
  • nds/timing: emulates nds7 exmemstat gba-slot timing bits (like nds9 exmemcnt)
  • nds/timing/help: added detailed/tested nds7/nds9 code/data memory-timing chart
  • nds/timing/cache: allows more CPU load on bios/mainram when cache is enabled
  • nds/timing: emulates shared N32 access time for two NDS9 thumb 16bit opcodes
  • cpu/speedup: precalculates opcode-timings on interseg-jumps (usually faster)
  • cpu/speedup: faster conditional opcode handling (maybe yet another 3% faster)
  • cpu/speedup: thumb: uses 16bit reads (3% faster on non-32bit-aligned addr's)
  • cpu/speedup: replaced dumb jmp exec_opcode by exec_opcode_mac (ca. 10% faster)
  • cpu/speedup: added more code alignments in cpu-core (not significantly faster)
  • nds/help: added note that 66MHz-nds9 actually runs MUCH SLOWER than 33MHz-nds7
  • nds/cpu: emulates superslow nds9 memory access time (bios,wram,vram,oam,etc)
  • nds/cpu: emulates operand-independend ARM9 multiply time (eg. slow thumb time)
  • nds/wram: emulates wramcnt mapping (no idea if it's used by any games though)
  • nds/3d: adjusted z-rounding (avoid opengl-clip-plane in club house games demo)
  • cpu: emulates cp15-trace-id, debug: disass auto-comments on trace-id and bist
  • nds/help: fixed key1 [scratch] writeback lsw/msw are exchanged (thanks simon)
  • nds/help: cp15 info on trace-id, bist, cache debug/test, supported cache cmds
  • cheat: fixed occassional crash on delete cheat (push/pop) (thanks Hiei Youkai)
  • thanks: rockmanrotties for submarine (timing) and clubhouse (clip) bugreports


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2007-10-09 - SNEmulDS 0.6 Alpha
SNEmulDS 0.6 Alpha

The GUI artworks are not ready, so you have a “naked” and not very pretty GUI, but at least, you have the multi languages support!
  • New GUI using framebuffer for sub screen
  • Better human interface, improved file selector (alphabetical sorted), buttons, check boxes, multi choose zones, etc.
  • New GUI supports joypad (joypad is not supported when emulator is running however).
  • Multi language support (more than 10 supported, including katakan japanese !)
  • Memory pak support (Opera RAM, Slot 2 card reader, etc. using libram) with paging or with large ROM mapping
  • Scaling with pseudo bi-linear filtering and sprites squishing : full screen scaling (like snezzids), half scaling (half scaled and without sprites squishing), and no scaling (classic snemulds mode)
  • Autiomatic SRAM saving when needed
  • Some other bugfixes and improvements in GUI


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2007-10-02 - SvSIP
SvSIP - Voice Over IP

SvSIP is a VoIP software for Nintendo DS. It's based on pjsip.

SvSIP allows to Call in VoIP (Voice Over IP) with SIP protocol and receive calling, for the moment responding is automatic without ringing

  • Fifth public version: New interface of numpad. Managing of DTMF for IVR. Should be correct problem in authentication step with some provider (e.g. BroadWorks)
  • Fourth public version: Correct bug with IP address including 10 or 100. Volume control of micro in config file. Switch off wifi and reboot the DS a the end.
  • Third public version: SplashSreen. Possibilty to hangup when you receive a call. Screensaver after inactivity or lid closure, audio continues to work. Disable wifi at end (after press 'A')
  • Second public version: configuration file simplification (3 or 4 parameters). Calling/answering should be work better.


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2007-10-02 - Colors! 1.06
Colors! 1.06

Colors! is a simplistic digital application for Nintendo DS based on modern painting-techniques developed for drawing tablets

Major updates in v1.06

  • Major precision overhaul
  • Opacity slider in brush-screen
  • Pressure-Controls-Size option in brush-screen
  • New user-interface with graphics by madwurmz.com
  • Playback controls with the option to continue painting from mid-playback
  • The possibility to send your painting directly to an e-mail address
  • Unlimited save slots
  • One additional zoom-level

Improvements in 1.06h

  • Less stylus jumping (I need feedback on this)
  • Reduced input latency and slightly improved painting performance
  • Improved Wi-Fi robustness (but flooding problem seems impossible to completely remove)
  • Removed clear-animation for small paintings
  • Fixed a bug where calibration settings weren't saved correctly
  • Upgraded to newer versions of efs-lib and dswifi libraries
  • From this version on I will also include .ds.gba equivalent in archive


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2007-10-02 - VoiceChatClient 1.61
MoonLight VoiceChatClient 1.61

Infantile Paralysiser has updated his VOIP release again

Version 1.6 2007/09/29

  • The WiFi library was renewed to 'dswifi-0.3.3'.

Version 1.61 2007/10/02

  • The bug with a wrong screen display register was corrected.

The communication protocol (Ver1.4 and Ver1.5 and Ver1.61) is compatible.


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