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2006-09-19 - playeradvance.org
playeradvance.org Homebrew roundup

The following games are listed on the french "Playeradvance" forum - This is just a quick highlight of whats coming out in PALib land.

  • CataPulte DS - Aim your catapult and set the force of the ball.. fire the ball over the wall and smash that warrior dude dead! the best soundtrack ever :)
  • SquareBounce - The goal is to remain inside the square as it bouncers around the screen. Simplistic gamestyle but entertaining enough.
  • T4ILS' Rush - Sonic has challenged you to a race. Frantically press A & Y to make Tails run..
  • Can't Stop DS - The goal of the play is very simple: you have of 3 common bonzes, 9 tokens each one and 4 dice, which will enable you to progress on this peak of the Himalayas. See simple!
  • Warcraft Tower DS WIP - Adaptation of Warcraft 3 Tower wars. Preventing monsters from reaching our fortress by building towers to attack them.
  • 3D Shmup WIP - The unnamed 3d shoot-em-up Scrolling shooter for DS.


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