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2006-11-20 - FishTank DS 0.2
FishTank DS 0.2

It's a remake of Insaniquarium!
  • [DONE] Added carnivorous fish, which will eat any fish for now (maybe only smaller fishes later, even if a small fish eating a big one sounds funny to me)
  • [DONE] Added blip fish, dunno what to do with it yet...
  • [NEEDS IMPROVEMENT] Money System, everything has a price now, but shopping system is not done yet (needs in game menu). Fishes drop money, money used to buy other fishes.
  • [NEEDS IMPROVEMENT] Added BGM, not a great mod, but the only non-techno one I found
  • [NEEDS IMPROVEMENT] Fishes now have different speeds, from swimming slowly to rush to food (see ToDo about speed system)
  • [IN PROGRESS] Fishes meeting and having a baby-fish debut
  • [IN PROGRESS] Preliminary gameplay, some dirty stuffs to clean, or fishes are getting hungry faster.

EDIT : Rough version added, you start with 100 money (you can buy one orange fish with "A"), food cost 10 and coins worth 25. You can drop one food at a time and buy blip fish with B and the most expensive carnivorous fish with X (or Y). Each fish drop quarters for now, the version is not really enjoyable yet, I was posting the news mainly to show the project is still alive....


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