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2006-11-27 - DPGPlay
DPGPlay v2.4

Firon sysadmin of utorrent has made a DPG player for the PC called DPGPlay.


  • New demuxer that doesn't steal focus and overwrite your clipboard's contents, also works faster
  • Lets you output temp files to a different folder now so you can use it from SD cards and CDs/DVDs
  • Fixed minor bugs (still haven't fixed DPG1 being too dark though)
  • Compiled with AutoIt v2.3.0.1


  • Minor fix in regards to .fps (it overwrites instead of appending now)
  • Fix Demux & Play possibly not working when using the Browse button.


  • Added half-working DPG1 support. The movies play way darker than they should. I'll see if I can fix it, but so far I'm having no luck.


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