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2006-11-27 - DS2Key
DS2Key 0.6 - Analog Stick/Touch Screen Emulation

Version 0.6 Now has virtual gamepad emulation, this means you can use DS2Key with any application requiring a joystick/gamepad. When in gamepad mode the touch screen is used as a analog stick, which resets to the center when not being pressed (similar to any other joystick). Currently the gamepad mode only works for a single person, but key modes MIGHT function properly for other people at the same time. You must install a external program (PPJoy) to make use of the gamepad mode functions, I've included the instructions on how to do so in the archive.

Also I included a simple configuration application that runs in text mode, its still a little confusing but it should be easier then just manual editing.

Version 0.5 Here it is, finally a version with touch screen buttons. Hopefully there aren't many bugs in this version.


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