NDSNews:2007-11-30 - News Catchup Part 1

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2007-11-30 - News Catchup Part 1
News Catchup Part 1

MrShlee has been busy - MrShlee is sorry.
  • November 19th, marked the 1 year anniversary of the Wii’s first launch.
  • NO$GBA 2.5c released - Offering 3d frameskip, 3d vram viewer, wifi details and alot of other bugfixes.
  • pokeyDS 1.1 released - Alekmaul has released yet another high quality emulator for console Atari 800 XL.
  • PuzzleManiak 3.2 released - Now with music! A memory bug has been fixed, so swapping profile should not crash anymore, and background musics and sound effects have been added.
  • Bunjalloo 0.5.1 released with SSL - Make cookies work more thoroughly, Update to dswifi 0.3.4.
  • iDeaS NDS Emulator released - Alot of interesting little bugfixes. The Audio plugin has been updated with a bugfix release.
  • Normmatt releases NDS Emulator desmume 0.7.4 alpha - Featuring Cheat support and a series of bugs related to crashes fixed.
  • SquareDS - Recompiled with the latest PALib.
  • Dicewars v0.4.3 debug - Dicewar now supports single player, Internet based multiplayer and local Ad-hoc games.
  • Blackjack DS v0.2 released - The object is to get to 21 with your cards without going over.
  • Tabbed v0.16 - Update to the Guitar chord finder. Support for MOD format.

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